A Prize Winning Pig

A Prize Winning Pig for the Common Good - August 3, 2014

State Representative David Perryman

Fern Arable is a courageous eight year old who saw value in the runt of the litter, saved it and named it Wilbur.  As E.B. White tells us in his 1952 novel, Charlotte’s Web, Wilbur was “Some Pig.”

At a number of junctures in the book, Wilbur’s future was bleak at best.  His life was in danger first because of his perceived worthlessness and later because of the commercial value that he had attained.

It was through the personification of Wilbur and a spider named Charlotte and a rat named Templeton that Mr. White teaches our children the value of compassion, companionship and creative cooperation.

The odds of a litter runt ever getting to the County Fair were virtually impossible without the intercession of others. But it happened and that SOME PIG became TERIFFIC and RADIANT, was a prize winner and ultimately became HUMBLE.

Over the next several weeks throughout the state, as crops ripen and summer begins to turn to fall, we will have a number of opportunities to attend fairs, festivals and expositions, large and small in nearly every community in our state.

Whether it is the local fair in your end of the county or the county fair a few weeks later, a walk through the craft and livestock exhibits allows us to share with our children, grandchildren or even great grandchildren a special part of Americana.

It is a busy time, but sharing it with others from your community or engaged in cultural and educational activities is much more healthy than being immersed in the never ending news loop on television that frightens, angers and manipulates our emotions.

Get out and enjoy a parade, a carnival, fair food, a midway.  We will be traveling across the District to support our youth and our communities in these local events.

In addition to the fairs one event that has a proud history is the 83rd American Indian Exposition of Oklahoma that will take place in Anadarko August 6-9 with Gourd Dancing daily from 1 to 5 and Fancy Dance including Tiny Tot Dancing nightly during the Exposition.  The event takes place at the Caddo County Fair Grounds and will feature arts and crafts and food vendors in the Baldwin Building on the fairgrounds.  The Beautiful Indian Baby Pageant is always colorful and exciting due to the traditional costumes and will take place in the Anadarko High School Auditorium on Tuesday, August 5 at 6:00 p.m. Hope to see you there.

In the closing chapters of Charlotte’s Web, Wilbur realized that when he first met Charlotte, he thought that she was cruel and bloodthirsty because she was different.  Yet it was she who helped Wilbur not only live, but achieve greatness at the County Fair and fame forever.  When asked why she did that for Wilbur, she responded that it was because he was her friend.

She helped Wilbur in the only way that she could and ultimately helped her own offspring that hatched after her passing. Charlotte’s friendship was an act of kindness and compassion that survived for generations. The Prize Winning Pig reciprocated many times over.

That sounds to me like the way things are supposed to work.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as a State Representative.  If there is anything that I can do to assist you, please call me at 405-557-7401 or email me at David.Perryman@okhouse.gov. I look forward to hearing from you soon.