Announcement from the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma

This announcement is being released at the request of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma:

With the help of a three-year grant, the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma has been focused on increasing education relating to child safety and helping to prevent falls. In July 2017, the Apache Tribe received the Indian Health Service Tribal Injury Prevention Cooperative Agreement Program Part II Grant. This grant has allowed the Apache Tribe to focus on childcare safety specifically when children are in vehicles. The Apache Tribe has created a child safety seat public service announcement in conjunction with the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. They have also organized events where they provide checks on children’s car seats in order to ensure the car seats are installed and working correctly.  The Apache Tribe’s fall prevention program uses eye assessments, home medications, and education to try to limit falls from happening in the first place. Both the child vehicle safety as well as the program for preventing falls focus on American Indian and Alaska Native communities. It is clear that the Apache Tribe has been focusing on improving the lives in the community!

Another fantastic program that the Apache Tribe has been working with since summer 2018 is Safe Kids Worldwide. In June, the Injury Prevention Program teamed up with Safe Kids Worldwide to become Safe Kids Na-I-Sha, with the word ‘Na-I-Sha’ meaning Apache.  This is significant as Safe Kids Na-I-Sha is the second member of Safe Kids Worldwide to be led by a tribal government in the United States.  Since collaborating with Safe Kids Worldwide, Safe Kids Na-I-Sha is able to reach more people especially in non-native communities. This partnership, which is run by the Apache Community Health Program Director and staff, focuses on the community of Caddo County, Oklahoma as a whole and is able to include everyone from this area. The goal of this alliance is to educate people and help them stay safe in regards to preventable injuries. In the future, Safe Kids Na-I-Sha is going to apply for more grants in order to better reach the American Indian and Alaska Native communities.